Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur (2) - 3D Optical Illusion Lamp


Tyrannosaurus Rex 3D (2) Optical Illusion Lamp Night Light

 Straight outta Jurassic Period, ready to ward off the dark!

The Tyrant Lizard has decided to mend his lousy reputation and gain the humans’ sympathy by literally lighting up your world! If you’re a tiny paleontologist at heart and a tech enthusiast, this 3D Optical Illusion Lamp is the perfect addition to your room.

Product Overview


Our T-Rex 3D Optical Illusion Night Lamp is the perfect combination of art and technology, bringing to life a realistic dinosaur silhouette that will surely add a super cool touch to any bedroom, especially at night. Because who wouldn’t want the all-mighty dinosaur king to watch over their sleep, right?

This product is unique and handmade in our shop by laser etching the 3D design onto a 2D piece of acrylic, putting in our best efforts to make it look spectacular and blow you and your guests away. From a distance, you will only be able to see the dino floating around with his signature tiny hands, seemingly ready to wreak havoc. The ultra-thin and flat acrylic sheet is only visible if you get up close.


Looks and feels tough

This awesome lamp doesn’t only look tough; it’s made in that manner as well. It’s crafted with durable and high-quality materials, and it was stress-tested for a variety of circumstances to ensure it doesn’t break easily. So if you’ve got playful little ones at home and would like to light up their passion for knowledge and natural history, this lamp would be a good starting point.

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 Select YES under the Remote option to add a wireless remote that adds 8 color options, 4 color sequencing options (flash, strobe, breathe, static), and a brighter/dim option.



- 8  Changeable color modes including Cyan, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow, and Purple as well as a flashing mode that displays all colors. 
- Touch button to easily change the color mode
- Energy efficient long life LED bulbs
- Safe to touch. Does not overheat


- Dimensions: 6 (L) x 8 (H) inches, 0.3 (W) millimeters thick. Some styles may vary but all will be between 5-9 (H) inches.
- Voltage: 5v, 0.5A
- Power sources: Electricity. Plug in USB Port (USB Wall Adapter or Computer). 3x Double A Batteries
- LED Life Span: 10,000 hours
- Weight: 1 lbs

What's Included: 1x Lamp Base, 1x Acrylic Glass Pane, 1x USB Cable.



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