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Handmade Quality 3D Optical LED Desk Light Designs for the Kids and Adults alike!

A United States Air Force veteran owned company that has dedicated countless hours to finding and creating the perfect designs for 3D optical led night light lamps. These awesome looking designs are then laser etched into our acrylic pieces and lit with 10 bright LED lights that are sure to light up the night. 

Our company all started with a passion for creation and entrepreneurship. We, my wife and I, love to make and design things, see things come from a simple, "You know what would be awesome?" to, "Wow, look that that!". Simple ideas can lead to massive opportunities, and that is what we hope to create with our business. An opportunity to continue to create bigger and bolder ideas and see where this journey will take us. 

Our plan for the next 2 years is to save up enough money to upgrade to a larger, more effective laser marking/etching system that will be able to engrave metal. This will open the door for many opportunities to create even more of the ideas we have. The opportunities are endless.

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