About Us


Hi and Welcome to Carve Craftworks, LLC. 

We are makers of Handmade Quality 3D Optical Illusion Lamps. 

Carve Craftworks, LLC is veteran owned company that creates all its lamps in the United States. We value ourselves on our commitment to delivering quality products at an affordable price. 

We spend countless hours to finding and creating the perfect 3D Optical Illusion designs for our lamps. Once we spend a few hours (a lot of hours) on coming up with a new design, we can apply it to our acrylic with the hopes of it coming out looking spectacular. Each and every lamp is made by myself and my wife Brittany in our small shop. We laser etch the 3D design onto the 2D piece of acrylic and with some good elbow grease cleaning, we create these amazing, and frankly awesome, looking bright 10 LED lights that are sure to light up your night. 

Our drive to keep this company going rests on our entrepreneurial spirit. The ability to create something we think is amazing and deliver it to the satisfied customer makes it all worth it. To know that someone out there, (possibly you!) is willing to spend their hard earned money on something we create is motivation enough for us. 

In addition, Brittany and I have made a pledge that we will keep our company focused on donating a portion of the profits from every lamp to non-profit organizations around the world. Best part is, you choose the non-profit and we do the donating! Just by buying one of our lamps, we donate a portion of the profits to a non-profit you choose at checkout. We have a curated list of non-profits that have a track record of low costs - high donations to make sure ever penny spent goes to the intended recipients. But you don't have to choose from our list, you can simply search for an organization in our search bar. You can even track the donations! If you would like an organization added to our curated list, please contact us at support@carvecraftworks.com

Please have a look around our shop and thank you for allowing us the potential opportunity of serving you.

God Bless,