The Best Night Light Designs for Kids

When you have kids, you know the importance of sleep during the night, not only for their sake but for your own as well. A night light is a wonderful tool to aid this search for quality sleep. Quality sleep affects many diverse aspects of every human’s life. For every member of your family’s health, a night light will promote a great night of sleep.

As a parent to your child, it’s your personal responsibility to ensure the kids are able to get the right amount of sleep for their age. When the dark gets too scary or sleep becomes a terrifying and restless challenge, a night light is sure to soothe your kid into a calm sleep. Night lights are available in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes for any style of bedroom. Read on to discover some of the best night light designs for kids.

Classic Plug-Ins

As a staple device of reassurance and security, a plug-in night light has been a common household item for decades. Their benefits include lighting up a stairway or a room to avoid possible obstacles in the night. Their purpose of emitting a soft glow within an area is perfect to be able to see what you are doing without causing sudden blindness from bright lights.

What has changed over time is the available designs of these plug-in lights. Nowadays, choosing a night light a pretty simple task based on the aesthetics of a room or the interests of your kids. Kids can choose from Star Wars designs and Disney patterns, as well as different animals, mythical creatures, cartoons, superheroes, or figurines. Motion sensor options are also popular for safety and dependability.

Projection or Sound Machines

Some of the best night light designs for kids are out of this world (figuratively, of course). Projection night lights have been a well-known trend over the last few years. These lights project stars, moons, and planets around the room with varying color options and lighting effect settings. Typically controlled by a remote, projection night lights are fun and popular kid-pleasers, though they may not be ideal for every child.

Sound machines that double as night lights are popular modern designs as well. A high-quality machine with sleep-inducing sounds and songs creates a fixed atmosphere within a room to help lull children to sleep. Machine-based night lights are usually available in a rainbow of colors, but not as lively of designs.

3D Illusion Lamp Lights

3D optical illusion night lights add perfect pops of personality to your kids’ bedrooms. Kids of all ages will go crazy over the styles and wide array of realistic designs to choose from. When these lamps light up, the life-like design etched onto the glass appears perfectly holographic. How cool is that?

At Carve Craftworks, we offer a variety of illusion lights that can be perfect to utilize as a night light for your kids. With a kid-friendly collection of custom-designed lights, there’s no better place to shop for a light that’s sure to please and amaze. Take a look at our handcrafted 3D sports lamps as a possible night light option. With the right night light, your child will gain good sleeping habits to help their mental, physical, and psychological development.

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