October 14, 2020 2 min read

November is quickly on its way, which means it’s almost National Veterans and Military Families Month. That means it’s the perfect time to really delve into some different ways to support your loved ones or people within the community. Though most people don’t feel the most comfortable volunteering at a VA hospital right now, there are still plenty of ways to lend a helping hand. Below, we’ll talk specifically about how you can support veteran-owned businesses. Check it out!

Discover Different Veteran-Owned Businesses

Your first step to supporting veteran-owned businesses is discovering them. People all over are talking about how it’s time to buy less from Amazon and more from small businesses. So, just do your research and find out whether any small businesses near you or online are veteran-owned. Most will emphasize this aspect, and if they do, you’ll know that it’s a good company to support.

A good resource is also BuyVeteran.com, as it can help you find a variety of products and services from veteran-owned shops.

Buy Veteran-Sold Products and Services

This one may sound simple, but it is one of the best ways to show your support! Simply purchase something from the business. Heading into the shop or perusing online is great, but actually buying something and telling your friends about it is even better. You could even get something for the veteran in your life from a veteran-owned business—what a thoughtful gift!

Share Their Work on Social Media

Once you’ve received the product or service, or even just fallen in love with the company online, share it. At a time when social media is so prevalent and essential to success, the work you do in sharing and talking about a business goes a long way. For example, sharing a photo on your social media of our 3D aviation lamp could then help bring in a number of new customers. The more you share, the more the veteran-owned business gets its name out there, and that means a lot.

Create a Veteran-Owned Businesses Guide

If you can, and if you’re feeling passionate enough to get your community involved with supporting veteran-owned businesses, think about creating a guide. It may take a bit of time and research, but compiling a list of the different businesses that people can support in your area (plus a few favorites from online) will bring in a lot of support for the community and the businesses. It’s a great thing to get started before the winter holidays!

When you’re looking for a veteran-owned business to support, turn to Carve Craftworks. We’re a veteran-owned business that creates 3D optical illusion lamps that are the perfect gift for anyone in your life. Purchase your lamp before the holidays kick off, then tell people about it. Your support means the world, so feel free to spread some joy!

Brandon Steinberger
Brandon Steinberger

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October 21, 2020

Can you create the Douglas A1E Skyraider. USAF version Vietnam

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