November 10, 2020 2 min read

3D optical illusion is a well-known technology dating back to the 19th century. In technical terms, this technological effect is called stereoscopy. Don’t fear this big word—it explains how our eyes and brain perceive 3D by simply creating an impression of a 3D image. A vast collection of products have since been developed and innovated to intrigue people and utilize this effect for viewing pleasure. Read on as we uncover the essence of optical illusions and explore how 3D optical illusion lamps work.

The Makings of Optical Illusions

As mentioned above, 3D is all about the distinction between how our eyes can see two different images and use our brains to create another image in our heads. This action makes up for the clear disparity between the images. A 3D effect is basically an ad-lib by our brains, concocting a new image to put together two perspectives of the same object. This image is considered an optical illusion.

3D Technology

Such technology has become increasingly popular in our modern era by films, TV, and virtual games that utilize 3D imagery. Watching these images is a wondrous experience, but understanding the inner running clockwork is a bit more complicated. A 3D image is essentially two versions of the same focal point. It’s a matter of perspective and angles that work together to create the illusion your eyes see as a different scene.

Understanding how 3D optical illusion lamps work is relatively similar. Perhaps it doesn’t use the same fancy footwork, but it crafts designs from scratch to become masterpieces of trickery and illumination in the same way. 3D optical illusion lights are crafted to produce a 3D illusion with LED lights. A 2D image is etched with a laser onto acrylic glass. When this glass is lit up by hidden lights, the design appears 3D when viewed from further away. Detailed lines etched in the design create the optical illusion of another visible dimension. Pretty clever, right?

A Clever Innovation

3D optical illusion lamps are original and innovative ideas. Utilizing the optical illusion and 3D tech as the main focus of the design, these lamps add to the overall décor of a home and are sure to be instantly eye-catching and mesmerizing. For those who love technology or are always on the look-out for innovative products, these lights may be made for you. In fact, they can be made specifically for you by design.

These lamps began appearing on the market in the last decade with an array of options and designs to choose from. Companies have developed their own ideas and creations of these 3D optical illusion lights with designs for anyone in mind. 3D animal lights are popular for kids, as are space designs, music themes, sports designs, and transportation light designs for all ages. Carve Craftworks is a 3D optical illusion lamp business that handcrafts such designs and ensures top quality at all times. Our professional-grade magical artwork at an affordable price is sure to light up anyone’s life.

Elyse Aufmann
Elyse Aufmann

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