The Best Birthday Gifts for Veterans

Dec 16, 2020

Veterans have given so much of themselves for their country. Their birthday’s a wonderful time of year to give something back to them. When it comes to a birthday gift for the veteran in your life, you should pick out something thoughtful that shows your appreciation and care for them.

You could go to any store and pick out a soft sweater or a hardcover book, but don’t you want to get them something unique and useful for their birthday? We’ve compiled a small list of fun gift ideas that the special person in your life is sure to love. Without further ado, here are some of the best birthday gifts for veterans.

A Multi-Tool for Everyday Carry

You know those innovative sidekicks called multitools, right? Multitools are handy little gadgets that help a person open, loosen, or cut through any challenges or situations that pop up during the day. But we’re not talking about just any Swiss Army knife here. A good multitool is useful for anybody and is extremely practical to have on hand when carrying around a heavy toolbox isn’t ideal.

Veterans are already real-life MacGyvers, courageous people who are prepared for anything. When you look to purchase a multitool as a gift, consider which tools may be most important or useful to the recipient. Select a model that’s sleek in design and functions most appropriately for their needs. Some tools are even made out of machined aluminum for added durability and offer strategic functions such as pens, flashlights, bottle openers, and even window breakers.

A Warrior Flask To Stay Hydrated

One of the best birthday gifts for veterans has to be the kind of gift that gives back. Warrior Flasks are reliable water bottles that also serve a greater cause. Whenever a hydration flask is purchased from their site, Warrior Flask will also donate a flask to an active member of the military. Not only will this gift be useful for your veteran, as everyone needs to stay properly hydrated for their health, but it will also be advantageous for a current military member, first responder, or another veteran.

A Military Style 3D Light Lamp

If you’re looking for a handmade birthday gift that’s one of a kind, a 3D optical illusion desk lamp that’s made right here in the US could be perfect. These top of the line 3D lamp lights come with your choice of a custom-detailed design that is laser etched onto acrylic glass to create a cool lighting accessory—they’re truly a brilliant addition to any room.

Here at Carve Craftworks, we are a veteran-owned business that handcrafts our made-in-the-USA 3D illusion lights with the highest quality materials and levels of care. We offer various design collections for these incredible lamps, including an American military collection. Whether the veteran in your life would enjoy a firearm, tank, infantry vehicle, aircraft, or naval vessel, we have a 3D illusion lamp that is just right.

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