Military and Naval Themed Lighting Options

Jan 6, 2021

Everybody knows that the best way to add some flair and personality to a room is to bring it to life with distinct lighting. With a wide array of design options, sizes, colors, and styles available, lamps complement a room’s tone and establish a vibrant and visible mood. The particular lighting that a person chooses typically reflects their personal tastes, whether they want to make a statement or emit a specific feeling. If you have military roots or are a proud American, here are some military and naval themed lighting options that may suit your home.

Themed Lamps or Customized Shades

Desk, table, and dresser lamps continue to play large roles in a room, no matter the popularity of overhead or digital lighting. Of the various military and naval themed lighting options, a standard desk lamp with a themed shade is often a popular option.

Though the overall design and aesthetic of such lamps may not stand out, individuals can choose a lamp and customize it with a unique shade in a variety of designs, including camo, branch insignias, aircrafts, or naval vessels. Conversely, creative artists have crafted lamps with themed bases that are great for display as well, such as wood-crafted bald eagles, flags, guns, or soldiers.

Army Model Lampster

A powerful desk lamp is known as the Lampster, and it’s a metal lamp crafted out of old tractor headlights. While this may not seem military-themed, its originators have created a model that is distinctly army. This lamp is shaped like a person, with the headlight as the head of the body, a star on its chest, and stripes made to resemble old military vehicles. Despite its rusted effect, the lamp is surprisingly modern and is filled with technological features that allow you to control it by touch or a mobile phone application.

3D Optical Illusion Lights

The best lighting options utilize LED lights to their best and fullest advantage. The widely popular 3D optical illusion lamp lights do just this. These 3D illusion lamps are neat gadgets, as they are created by a specific design that’s laser-etched onto acrylic glass and is then mounted and lit up with LED lights to create a 3D appearance.

Carve Craftworks is a veteran-owned business that handcrafts 3D military-themed lamps to perfection. Among our various collections, we offer lamps that depict naval vessels, aircraft, tanks, infantry vehicles, and artillery with great realism and detail. For those who may be interested in a 3D gun lamp, we have a firearms collection that is comprised of M4s, pistols, and an assortment of rifles. These professionally designed lights are a one-of-a-kind accessory that will brighten up any room.

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