Christmas Gifts To Get the Veteran in Your Life

Nov 16, 2020

Coming up with thoughtful gifts for friends and family is never an easy task, even if you know them rather well. There’s no secret to finding the absolute perfect gift, but you can be sure to find one they will love—no matter how long it takes. Gift-giving for veterans is more than just a time to express your love over the holiday season, but also an important opportunity to show your support and appreciation for those who have served our country.

If you’re searching for some ideas for Christmas gifts to get the veteran in your life, look through the following possibilities to spark some imagination. Since veterans can range in age from their 20’s on up, men and women alike, a variety of items are included on this list. From things to wear to things to use, to things that will surely light up their life—here are gifts you may not have likely thought of.

Supporting Military or Veteran-Oriented Charities and Businesses

Generally, gifts are simply objects we might not end up using one day. Sometimes, the best gift to give isn’t a physical one that may end up sitting dusty on a shelf. Rather, giving the precious gift of support and donating to help those who have served could be the greatest possible present, a gift that goes on and on. Many veterans would appreciate a donation in their name to a charity that supports veterans or current military members.

You can search for a charity to choose to donate to or ask the veteran in your life if there is an organization they would like you to donate to specifically for the holidays. Some wonderful examples include Wreaths Across America, who are dedicated to honoring fallen soldiers during the holiday season. Volunteers lay holiday wreaths at veterans’ graves to honor their service and sacrifice. You can choose to sponsor a wreath in someone else’s name or donate to a local group for fundraising.

Another organization to donate to over the holiday season is Soldier’s Angels. This top-rated non-profit provides aid, comfort, and resources to the military, veterans, and their families. They ensure that all those who currently serve or have served are continually remembered and uplifted through their support programs. Visit their website for specifics on potential sponsorships or to donate to a program.

If you think there’s a gift you’d rather give, you can also consider buying Christmas gifts from a veteran-owned business to show support in a different way. A multitude of veterans have found gratification as well as financial freedom as small-business owners. Your gift recipient will appreciate knowing that the product they have is not only top quality, but also comes from a veteran-owned business. You can check out to find a list of businesses you can find a gift from, or search by state to find a local business to support as well!

The Gift of Holiday Tree Ornaments

Out of the large array of possible Christmas gifts to get the veteran in your life, a Christmas tree ornament may be the simplest and sweetest option over the holiday season. Small but meaningful, in addition to being a memory to be remembered each year, ornaments make timeless treasured gifts. You can find beautiful ornaments of military logos, dog tags, or the American flag to gift to a veteran. There are companies you can find online who handcraft such ornaments in the USA to be given specifically as gifts. They even come packaged in a beautiful gift box if time is of the essence.

Accessories You Can Gift To Veterans

A variety of lovely veteran Christmas gifts could be as handy as they are precious. You can search online for companies that offer personalized military accessories or household items.

One such item is personalized military blankets. Who doesn’t love snuggling up with a blanket on the couch or getting cozy in bed over the winter? Blankets can be chosen by materials such as fleece or sherpa, or even embellished tapestries to keep be kept as keepsakes. Blankets are personalized by military branches and can include embroidered personalization of name, rank, and dates served.

Personalized and customized wallets are also clever options for gifts. Stylish wallets made out of high-quality leather are built to last and to keep their artistry over the years. Officially licensed wallets with military branches stamped and embossed onto the wallet add a personal touch to an everyday essential item that the veteran in your life will love.

Apparel Veterans Will Love

You simply can’t go wrong with the gift of a hat over the holiday season! Beanies are typical outdoor apparel during the winter season, and baseball caps can be worn daily. Vet Friends has a supply of caps and beanies that veterans will enjoy wearing. Their website carries custom edition hats with embroidered branch or unit patches to showcase service pride.

Don’t forget about clothing! Whether the apparel item illustrates their branch or veteran status, the options for gifting are essentially endless. Some companies selling apparel not only support veterans but employ them as well. Rags of Honor is an organization selling T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, and sweatshirts that supplies services and employment to homeless veterans. The company’s proceeds directly employ such veterans to help them succeed in their civilian lives. When searching for apparel Christmas gifts, consider buying from companies who are making a difference in the lives of those who have served.

Handcrafted Gifts

When coming up with Christmas gift ideas for veterans, ponder on something more unique to light up a person’s life—literally. Think about it: what gift could you give that’s innovative and one-of-a-kind? Perhaps something that their home is missing, or something that could become a beloved and long-lasting piece inside their home? A 3D optical illusion LED lamp is such an available gift option for veterans. These 3D illusion lights are handmade with the highest quality as a fun lighting alternative.

You can choose from a selection of varying lamp collections—the most popular items for veterans would be from the military lamp collection. With authentic designs and intricate details painted onto glass, these military planes, vessels, firearms, and crafts come to life when the LED lights are lit up. At Carve Craftworks, we sell these specific 3D LED lights with former and current service members in mind. As a veteran-owned business with products made in America, our company pledges to donate a proceed from every lamp that is purchased to a non-profit organization of your choice.

Ultimately, whichever gift choice you make this holiday season for the veteran in your life, you should make the selection process a worthy endeavor. He or she is not only a veteran but also an individual. Acknowledging who this incredible person is to you in your own life is the most remarkable gift of all.

Christmas Gifts To Get the Veteran in Your Life

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